“The experience of virtual healing was amazing! It was an overwhelming feeling. When we started the session I opened myself to be healed. As the session progressed I felt the heaviness being lifted out from my heart and a there was a bright ray of light being poured at the tip of my head. Blue and silver confetti showered my surroundings. My tears then flowed out from my eyes and I got the message" with your tears comes triumph, with your tears come peace, with your tears come joy!”

Ria B, Philippines 2020

“I would like to thank you and show you my gratitude for being so helpful with sharing your beautiful gifts with me recently.  I was experiencing some painful emotions and blockages from my past which I have been working through for some time now but still struggling to release. But after only a couple of healing sessions with you in person and remotely, I am now feeling much stronger, grounded within myself, more balanced emotionally and feeling much more positive towards moving forward into the future without being bogged down with past issues. I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who would benefit from your energy work. Continue your great work.”

Beverley B, Australia 2020


“Stelios intuitive healing was a great experience, at first I was unsure what to expect but I just went with it. His space had great energy and I felt I could relax and open myself to a new experience. Through out I felt waves of shivers down my spine and felt like I shifted a lot of things within my own mind. I walked out feeling refreshed and buzzing with great energy. Stelios brings calm and gentle demeanour was highly welcoming. Absolutely recommend to give it a try!”

Taro K  Australia, 2020

“Stelios is a very kind & generous person! I have received a few healings from him and as he grows, his healings become more wonderful...Stelios has a wonderful calming & welcoming energy & the connection he has to his inner being & his connection to source is amazing. If you're open to growing & healing, I would definitely recommend a healing from him.”

Tracey Australia 2020

“I have had the privilege of experiencing the gift of healing energy from Stelios a number of times now. And I can say from my heart that I was grateful for his intuition and insight into picking up on subtle energy problems I myself was unaware of. I have and very much appreciate the gift from someone with a powerful and deep intuition for something I have needed a few times. Thank you Stelios for what you bring to this world.”

Nigel G Australia 2020

“As a working Mum with two young kids, I was stressed, time poor, and running on empty. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my session with Stelios. At the end of the session, I realised that I received exactly what my soul needed. I felt nurtured, at peace, and appreciated. I connected with my Mum who had passed away in 2017. As I received blissful states of love and nurturing from my Mum, I was reminded of how important it was to take care of myself and pay attention to my own needs. I realised that I was pouring all my energy into taking care of my family but neglecting my own needs. It was at that point that I connected with my family – my husband and two young kids. I felt them sending me love and appreciation. I was bathed in a soothing energy of warmth, love, and appreciation. My session with Stelios gave me a safe space to reflect on what I really needed and allowed me the time to receive exactly the right healing for me. It gave me the time to connect with myself, recharge and find balance again. I highly recommend Stelios’ healing sessions, especially if you are a parent caring for a young family. My session with Stelios allowed me to reconnect with my Mum and the Mum within me. If you are hesitating, I recommend you go for it. Put yourself first. It’s the best “me time” I’ve had in a while.”

Ana E Australia 2020