Everyone’s healing journey is different. In our first session, I give you an opportunity to tell me a little about yourself and your healing needs. I invite you to set an intention at the beginning of the session to guide the healing process. I clear the space and set my intentions to be a clear channel for you and act as your healing guide. I then tune in to your energy field and am intuitively guided to facilitate your healing process.

In a typical session, I use a combination of three main healing modalities:


  • Intuitive counselling - Sometimes I am guided to ask you specific questions or raise specific issues pertinent to your healing. I may see, feel, or hear guidance that I then use to help you heal. Using my intuition, am able to uncover subconscious blocks (typically discordant patterns of thought and emotion) that may be affecting your state of wellbeing. By bringing these subconscious thoughts and emotions to your awareness, together, we can discover the root causes and release these blocks in your energy system and restore your sense of wellbeing.


  • Energy healing - I work with your body’s energy field to restore the natural flow and balance of energy in your physical and energetic body. I energetically sense and clear disruptions to your body’s energy system. This technique naturally stimulates your body’s innate ability to heal itself. When your energy flow is re-aligned and brought into balance, your overall wellbeing is restored. You feel a renewed sense of energy, peace, and harmony.


  • Spiritual and lifestyle coaching - During or after a session, I may be guided to offer you additional spiritual techniques to help facilitate and sustain your healing process. Depending on your unique healing needs, I may guide you to engage in inner child work, journalling, meditation, and a variety of other positive habitual and lifestyle changes.

Factors that may be affecting your state of wellbeing:

  • Repressed or unhealed emotional wounds

  • Subconscious conditioning shaping your perceptions and behaviour

  • Cultural conditioning

  • Traumas including current and past lives

  • Inner child traumas

  • Fears

How can this type of healing benefit you?


Restore and Balance

This incredible combination of intuitive healing modalities brings the mind, body and spirit into complete harmony and balance, allowing your natural healing process to begin. I partner with you in removing blocks to your energy field. I then send healing energy to the ‘wounds’ in your field. Sometimes it may take a couple of sessions to detect and heal the major energetic wounds in your field. When these wounds are healed, your energy system is free to flow naturally. When your energy system is flowing harmoniously, you feel a sense of vitality, peace, and wellbeing. 




Many clients also report that during the course of a healing session, they gain a greater sense of clarity around an issue that was affecting their wellbeing. By restoring the natural flow of your body’s energy system, new solutions to old issues often come up spontaneously. You then feel a greater sense of empowerment to tackle the challenges in your life with grace and ease. 



The type of healing I offer gives you a sense of empowerment. My healing philosophy is that everyone is a healer; every individual can heal themselves. I structure my healing sessions to empower you to heal yourself. I simply act as a healing guide and facilitator by connecting you to the healer within you. I offer spiritual and lifestyle coaching to help you sustain your healing experience and enjoy a sense of continued wellbeing and vitality.

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Whats Involved?

Virtual Healing

All virtual sessions are conducted through Skype or Messenger.


Through focussed positive intention, I direct energy to the client virtually. This process does not require physical contact between the practitioner and the client.


It doesn't matter where in the world you are, energy healing can be transmitted anywhere at anytime.

Brisbane Clinic

Brisbane clinic is also available.

Session Times

Session times typically run for 45min to 1hr.


$49 30min

$85  1 hour


Payment is made at the time of scheduling in your session.


Special Discount Packages:  


3 Sessions $199

6 Sessions   $425 


Experiencing financial distress?

I am open to providing healing sessions on a donation based system for people experiencing personal financial hardship due to COVID-19. Contact me to discuss your options.

Want to reclaim your natural state of balance, clarity, and harmony?