The Arcturians - You Are Never Alone

Thank You Dear Beings of Light, we are the Arcturians here with you now to share a message for you all. We love these experiences, we love connecting with different beings who are open to us, who are open to connecting on a deeper level in exchanging energies and information for the betterment of all, for we are all one.

We are happy to share with you a message to uplift you in your day to day lives, something that will assist you in all that you are. We wish to share that you are never alone, that we are always here with you in every moment of your lives as our energies, which is non-physical, permeates everything that you see with your physical eyes. We are like a warm blanket that envelopes everything on your world. We are like a beam or a ray that shines on your earth and penetrates everything that you touch, feels everything you feel, envelopes everything you see and holds every thought that you think.

We are able to do this because our energy is capable of processing all this information. We are able to manage, interpret, discern and align ourselves to our highest good with your highest good so that we all stay connected to our source within. We are your brothers and sisters in non-physical form, and we care so much for you. If you did not exist, we would not feel what we feel, we would not have these experiences of caring for one another, of supporting one another and of showing each other unconditional love.

It does not matter what level of spirituality you live, breathe, experience or feel, it is all one, it is all of the same. For in the one true creators’ eyes, there is no separation, individuation or degrees of separation. He is in love with everything you are, and he holds in his mind’s eye your perfection, your innocence and the truth of who you are. And it is this source that is in each and every one of you. It does not matter if you forget this, or that you feel that you have strayed far from the path, for this truth of who you are hasn’t forgotten you, and it is this that will guide you back to where you’re meant to be.

It is this that your feelings align with, that your guidance system will guide you back to. This is what guides us, this is what guides you. This truth of who we all are, is what brings us all together in the end.

We are honoured and so very deeply moved by this message, for this opportunity to share this message. We love each and every one of you, we wish you a happy journey, a fulfilling journey.

We are here with you now and we shall come back to you at another time. Many Blessings.

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