The Arcturians - Keeping yourself on track

We are the Arcturians, we are grateful to be here again channelling through this being, through this divine being a message that is supportive of your day-to-day experiences. It is important to emphasise that your day-to-day experiences are part of your focus. It is good to have long term goals and aspirations and ambitions. But it is in the small steps that you take on a daily basis that build up to these experiences you want to have, these big goals, these 5-year plans that you set for yourselves.

It is important that you have systems and goals in place on a daily basis, moment to moment, Monday to Friday, one hour to the next because your mind does not stop ticking, it is always in momentum, the gears are always running and the thoughts are always flowing, and it is from this place from within your mind that you create the reality around you.

So with this opportunity we provide this message around the importance of understanding how your mind operates and what systems and tools you have in place to keep yourself on track, to keep your mind on target so that you do not become like drift wood and float to the sides, forgetting about your main path. And this main path will be different for everyone. And it is always good advice to suggest that you mind your own business, to stay within your own boundaries, to stay heart centred and to keep moving along, day by day, practising and implementing, being present with your thoughts, with your desires and constantly keep coming back within yourselves and reaffirming that which you want. That path you want to walk, those aspirations you want to live by, that you want to embody and feel and express, to be that person you want to be, to feel that fulfilment, that joy and excitement and success, not just financially but with many other areas of your life. This is what it’s like to live a full life, to be present and aware and appreciative of all the things you do have.

This Dear Ones is a message of love and support. We care for you so very much. We wish to see you succeed in all areas of your lives so that you feel fulfilled within your hearts, and that your cups are forever overflowing.

We are so very pleased to have channelled this message and we look forward to many more opportunities like this.

We are honoured, many blessing and love to all. Thank You.

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