Forgotten Child

Our inner child is such a wonderful gift to the world. It is such an honour to witness the inner child awakening from within my clients. The beautiful piece below was written by one of my clients following a healing session with me. I was touched by the beauty, innocence and courage of her words. I would like to share this with you as an inspiration for your healing. Namaste.

A Quiet Talk.

By VM Wilson 18 January 2021 ©

“There’s someone here who wants to talk to you. She looks like you but she’s very young. She has a large scar across her face where someone tried to hurt her but it still hasn’t healed. It has left a big hole just under her left eye. She can’t cry now. Her throat is almost closed over. It’s been so long since she spoke or anyone spoke to her. There’s a small blue light, its tiny, its minute. It sits where her heat once beat a future. She’s been so quiet for so long. Today, she wants to talk to you.”

“Remember me? I was always quiet and shy. I hid behind so many controlling ropes that someone else had the keys to move. I wasn’t allowed.

Do you remember daddy? He really didn’t want us but his heart did melt when we arrived. He was our first real friend. But he was very sick and sometimes we weren’t allowed to speak to him. But we did hold his hand so he knew he wasn’t alone.

There was someone else with him. She was supposed to protect us but she didn’t, did she? We weren’t allowed to be free. We couldn’t decide our day and we struggled each of those days to stay on our written path. But it was so hard and, in the end, we just let go of our future. We couldn’t struggle against that darkness. You, later had discovered why she was so comfortable in the darkness. It was where she was comfortable, she felt safe there. But no one else did. She tried to pull us into that grim world but we resisted and in the end we succeeded. We did well.

There was someone else too. He was the wanted one in the beginning but he never measured up. He became invisible and so she turned on him and cruelly possessed us even more. He was always sad and angry and tried everything to be seen. He just wanted to be loved too. But his ways were wrong and all he created was more sadness and anger for us. We hurt.

Do you see this scar? Hard to miss isn’t it? Only we can see it. There’s a big hole too just below my left eye? I haven’t cried since the hole appeared one day. I am very lonely but still I don’t cry.

Could we sit and talk please?

I know a lovely beach. The sand goes forever and the water is clear and the waves are gentle and quiet. I love to run on the beach. I’ve always been alone to do this. Would you like to run with me?

But wait! Stop! Quickly, stop! They want to come with us. We need to be very brave.”

“NO! You cannot come with us! You must stay where you are. You are no longer a part of our future path. We have decided this. NO!”

“Look! They stopped! How do you feel? I feel great. I feel free. We were very brave telling them not to come with us.”

“I like your dress today. All pretty and white with lots of lace. It suits you. And you remembered how to make a daisy chain.”

“I chose it. No one else. Just as I choose to not wear shoes or to tie up my hair in curls. Much more ‘me’ don’t you think? I’m glad you noticed the flowers. We always did love our violets and daisies.”

“It’s nice sitting here on the sand dune. The ocean looks peaceful. May I hold your hand?”

“You don’t have to ask me that!”

“I promise to find us Love soon. The love we both deserve. I promise! We missed out on a real Love. We seemed to always compromise. Somehow it never grew how we wanted. No matter how many leaves fell from the trees we planted. They never seemed enough to make the tree happy and to grow stronger. I promise!”

“I don’t want to let go of your hand.”

“You never did. We just forgot how it felt.”

“Let’s find another happy place. Do you remember the big waterhole? The rocks were huge! And the trees were strong and cooling. Oh, everything looks smaller now. But doesn’t the water feel wonderful. I loved coming here with our friends. They were so nice.”

‘Shall we stay a little longer?”

“Yes, let’s.”

“There’s somewhere else I want to take you. You haven’t been before, but I have! It’s HUGE! It’s FOREVER! It’s HERE! It’s our dreams.”

“Will I be frightened? I don’t like being scared.”

“How can you be scared when I’m holding your hand. Come with me. Let’s see forever together.”

“What are those lights? They are so bright.”

“They are millions of souls that light the night sky. Then they sleep when the sun has finished dancing with the moon. Beautiful isn’t it?”

“Can we stay forever? Please!”

“One day. But I have to find love first.”

“Okay. My face is burning and it’s all tingly. I’m crying.”

“Do you want me to wipe your tears?”

“No, they are meant to be here.”

“See those clouds? Look closer. They are the Masters of the Universe. They always have angels with them. What do you think they are telling us?”

“Be brave. Let that tiny blue light fill the skies, the Universe, as it will herald huge changes and bring us….Love.”

“I like that.”

“So do I.”

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