About Me


Hello, my name is Stelios and I am an energy healer. Since I was a child, I felt different from most of my peers and I never new why. I felt lonely and misunderstood. I wanted to feel accepted and I wanted to feel like I belonged. My yearning to fit in was so strong that I pursued a ‘safe’ and traditional profession as a Civil Engineer for 7 years before I answered my true calling in life as an energy worker.

I spent most of my life supporting the identity of others to compensate for my inability to support my own identity. My life was centred around keeping everyone else happy, keeping the peace and maintaining harmony at the expense of my own happiness and internal harmony. I found myself extremely unhappy, depressed, anxious and deeply disempowered. My decisions and actions were not aligned with what my soul truly wanted me to be. By engaging in a lifestyle that did not feed my soul, my life force began to dim and weaken. My energy field was weak and out of balance. As a result, I began to experience disharmonious states of being or a feeling of dis-ease. 


I experienced:

  • Anxiety, depression and stress

  • Lack of self worth 

  • Inner child trauma

  • Co-dependency

  • Scarcity and shame

  • Lack of boundaries, purpose, and confidence

  • Debilitating selflessness

  • Energy depletion, constant tiredness, and fatigue


In 2018, the feeling of dis-ease became too overwhelming for me. I knew I had to make changes in my life. I quit my job as a civil engineer, sold my house and embarked on an intense spiritual journey. Building on 7 years of spiritual development, I began to focus solely on my true heart’s desires and soul calling. I travelled around the world and participated in spiritual development programs and workshops. Slowly, I began to reclaim my spiritual gifts and strengthen my sense of identity. I began to feel empowered and more deeply connected to the truth of who I am. 


As I began to honour my inner being, life began to honour me. I found a deep sense of inner peace that was not dependent on the outside world. I began to use my spiritual gifts to guide others back into states of peace, harmony, and balance. At last, I felt at home. I was living in line with my true spiritual purpose: to be a bearer of light. To call light into the shadows allowing consciousness to illuminate that which is unconscious. To summon the sun that is always shining, even when all you can see are dark clouds. To allow the divinity in you to express itself through you and guide you back to health and harmony. To whisper messages of love and encouragement to your soul and to nurture you back into wellbeing. 


My profession as an energy healer has provided me with the opportunity to connect with amazing people from around the world to help bring them back into harmonious states of being. I now work with clients in person from my Brisbane clinic. I also work with clients all over the world through online communication platforms.


If anything, I hope that my healing journey has inspired you to embark on your own journey back to wellbeing. Regardless of where that journey takes you, it is my wish for you to experience the best version of yourself and your life.