Stelios Andreou

Energy Work for Health & Harmony


Hello, welcome to my space. As an empath and energy healer, I know how it feels like to be on the outside. I have created this website as an inclusive, nurturing, and healing space for all those looking for a bit of respite from the busyness of life. I have included some information about myself and what I can offer you on your healing journey. I hope you find this information useful. I invite you to contact me to discuss how I can assist you on your journey back to being well.


Have you ever felt that...


  • something is not quite right but are not sure what it is?

  • you are going in circles, stuck in an unfulfilling situation?

  • you are unhappy for no apparent reason?

  • you are floating through life without a purpose or direction?

  • things keep going wrong in your life?

If you are experiencing states of disharmony, then it could be a sign of blockages to your body's natural energy flow. Everything is energy. When energy is flowing without disruption you feel a sense of peace, clarity, and balance. This is your natural state. 

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Tropical Leaves

Are you ready to step back into harmony, receive clarity and feel empowered?

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Your Healing Journey

Everyone's healing journey is different. As an energy worker, I have worked with people in person and remotely, from around the world. I have witnessed people experience profound shifts & positive outcomes in their life when they let go of what is blocking their energy flow. 

It is my honour and privilege to assist you in reclaiming your natural state of balance, clarity, and harmony. 


I am simply a facilitator. I hold space and guide your body's natural healing energy to areas it is most needed. 

You are the healer. Your soul guides the process and decides what needs to be healed.

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What's included in a typical session:

Spiritual & Lifestyle Coaching

Energy Healing

Intuitive Counselling 

“Stelios is a very kind & generous person! I have received a few healings from him and as he grows, his healings become more wonderful...Stelios has a wonderful calming & welcoming energy & the connection he has to his inner being & his connection to source is amazing. If you're open to growing & healing, I would definitely recommend a healing from him.”